Long Beach Hosts Trial Of Method To Eradicate Moth ‘Pest’

by Tiffany Rider, Staff Writer

One-square mile area of Long Beach is being used as an evaluation area of the effectiveness of an eradication program to eliminate the infestation of the light brown apple moth. The evaluation area extends from Ocean Boulevard north to 8th Street and from Temple Avenue east to Ximeno Avenue.

With the support of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), California Department of Food and Agriculture (CFA) and the County of Los Angeles Agriculture Commissioner, an evaluation began on June 16 in which 100,000 to 500,000 sterilized moths are released weekly to disrupt the reproductive process of these pests. The process, called sterile insect technique, has been used to eradicate other invasive insects but is in the trial phases for eradicating the moth.

The light brown apple moth, a quarter-inch moth species, is a declared pest nationally and internationally. It was first discovered in California in 2007 and has threatened nurseries and agricultural crops in 20 counties. The moth, which is native to Australia, has been attacked over the years through quarantine measures such as aerial spraying of synthetic pheromones to disrupt mating and releasing wasps that kill the moth.

Long Beach was selected for an evaluation of the sterile insect technique because of the heavily concentrated infestation in the city, according to the supporting agencies.

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EarthTalk: How Safe Is Soy?

Dear EarthTalk: How healthy is soy? I heard that, despite its healthy image, most soy is grown using chemicals like other crops and is even being genetically modified.

– D. Frinka, Syracuse, N.Y.

Food products made with soy have enjoyed great popularity in the U.S. and elsewhere in recent years. Two decades ago, Americans spent $300 million a year on soy food products; today we spend over $4 billion. More and more adults are substituting soy – a great source of protein – for meat, while a quarter of all baby formula contains soy instead of milk. Many school lunch programs nationwide have added soy-based veggie burgers to their menus, as have countless restaurants, including diners and fast food chains.

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LD Products To Break Ground On Douglas Park Industrial Building

Online Ink Cartridge Retailer To Build Energy-Efficient Warehouse

by Sean Belk, Staff Writer

In an industry climate where new construction is nearly non-existent, Douglas Park – a mixed-use development on land formerly owned by Boeing near the Long Beach Airport – has become the lone bright spot in the area.

The latest deal to come through is an 110,000-square-foot build-to-suit, being developed for new owner/user LD Products, an online retailer of ink cartridge and printer supplies.  The concrete tilt-up is expected to be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum, the first such energy-efficient warehouse of its kind in California, according to Chuckie Lyons, owner of Paramount-based Lyons and Lyons Properties.

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Port Of Long Beach To Celebrate 100th Birthday June 25

Free Event To Include Exhibits, Carnival Rides, Artists Entertainment And Speaker Panel

by Sean Belk, Staff Writer

To commemorate the Port of Long Beach’s storied history of 100 years, the port is hosting a day-long event of merriment, remembrance and celebration.

The port’s 100th birthday party on June 25, from 2:30 to 8 p.m. is similar to the celebration that took place a century ago, when the city put on a parade from Pine Avenue and Ocean Boulevard to Municipal Pier 1 (now Pier D, Berth 49). The free event open to the public is at the docks, just south of the Gerald Desmond Bridge at Ocean Boulevard and Pico Avenue.

“It’s an opportunity for people who have had any connection over the years with the port to help us celebrate the people who have created this port complex,” said Art Wong, Port of Long Beach spokesperson. “I’m hoping that families will bring their parents or grandparents down here, and look at our exhibits and share stories and see and understand all these changes that we’ve undergone over the decades to become what we are today and what we still hope to be in the future.”

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EarthTalk: Would Legalizing Pot Be Good For The Environment?

Dear EarthTalk: I heard someone say that legalizing pot – as Californians considered doing last year – would benefit the environment. How would that be?

– William T., Portland, Oregon

It is well known that legalizing pot could have great economic benefits in California and elsewhere by allowing the government to tax it (like it now does on liquor and cigarettes), by ending expensive and ongoing operations to eradicate it, and by keeping millions of otherwise innocent and non-violent marijuana offenders out of already overburdened federal and state prisons. But what you might not know is that legalizing pot could also pay environmental dividends as well.

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TireCore International Leads Tire Reuse Industry From Long Beach Hub

by Tiffany Rider, Staff Writer

After a year in Long Beach, TireCore International, LTD., has expanded its footprint in the tire casing business, continuing its mission to legitimize the used tire for the reuse industry in North America.

TireCore began in 2005 when Garry Drisdelle, owner and CEO, was granted a special trade visa to start a business in the U.S., based on a business he started in Canada 17 years ago called Total Casing Services. That business aimed to stimulate trade between his native country and the U.S.

TireCore moved a year ago from a small, outdoor facility in Huntington Beach into a large, state-of-the-art, climate-controlled building at the California State University, Long Beach Technology Center Park, located within Long Beach’s Enterprise Zone.

The location is near the San Pedro Bay Ports, with access to shipping and rail lines.

“Long Beach is a real transportation hub,” Drisdelle says. “It’s been a center of our business. We have a lot of customers in the area.”

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News In Brief

by Sean Belk, Staff Writer

• EcoTerra Properties & Investments announced it has relocated from its Long Beach location to 408 Marina Dr. in Seal Beach. The grand opening was scheduled for Earth Day, April 22. The real estate company, owned by Trudy Kalush, specializes in advising clientele of environmentally friendly preferred options in home design and building.

• The California Association of Realtors announced increases in both median prices and homes sales throughout the state in March due to improvement in the overall economy and favorable market conditions. Sales of existing, single family detached homes, which closed escrow, increased 3.1 percent from the prior month and rose 1.5 percent over the prior year.

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