State Water Board Grants $3.3 Million For Colorado Lagoon Restoration Efforts

by Sean Belk, Staff Writer

The California State Water Resources Control Board has approved $3.3 million in funding to be used for dredging, treatment and disposal of hazardous materials in the cleanup phase of the ongoing Colorado Lagoon Restoration Project.

The lagoon project includes upgrading storm drains, cleaning an underground culvert and providing landscape improvements. The final phase involves expanding an open channel 230 feet wide and building two road bridges, allowing for a tidal flush to clean and restore the deteriorated habitat.

For decades, the small 28.3-acre tidal lagoon has been contaminated, deterring any swimming or water recreation and slowly deteriorating the natural wetlands of native plants and animals, mainly due to there being almost a dozen storm drains that dump into it and underground culverts that provide insufficient water flow.

In addition to the water board funding, the $9.4 million for the project is also being paid for through grants from the Port of Long Beach and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The state funds are being allocated through the State Water Board’s Clean Up Abatement Account (CAA).

The state water board agreed to approve the funding under the stipulation that the city would utilize the Port of Long Beach for disposal of an estimated 55,000 cubic yards of sediment from November 1 to April 30, 2012, instead of dropping the hazardous material in the Kettleman City landfill.

3 Responses to State Water Board Grants $3.3 Million For Colorado Lagoon Restoration Efforts

  1. This is a good news. It is really good to help in the restoration of Colorado Lagoon. The Water Board performed the right act.

  2. Informative article. This means that the Colorado States was really hit their aim to restore their lagoon because this can be attracts many tourist. Thanks for sharing this article. Good luck.

  3. LBBJ says:

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