CSU Tuition Hike Vote Raises Rates By 12 Percent

by Tiffany Rider, Staff Writer

In response to the state budget cut of at least $650 million for the coming school year, the California State University system wasted no time to vote on a 12 percent tuition rate increase.

The tuition hike was approved at the July 12 meeting of the CSU Board of Trustees and takes effect this fall, bumping tuition costs at all 23 campuses to $5,472 for full-time undergraduate in-state tuition – an increase of $294 per semester on top of the added $222 per semester approved last November.

In addition, credential program participants will see an increase in tuition by $339 per semester, and graduate student tuition by $360 per semester, according to the CSU. One-third of the revenues generated from the 12 percent tuition increase are to be allocated for financial aid.

University officials indicated an increase prior to the state budget signing, warning that tuition costs would go up if the system cuts were more than the $500 million already adopted by the California Legislature in March.

The budget Gov. Jerry Brown signed calls for additional $100 million cuts to the CSU and the University of California each if revenue forecasts are not met by December. To address those potential cuts, university officials would have to look at making mid-year cuts as well.

If additional cuts occur, the university would be receiving the lowest level of state support since the 1997-1998 school year, even though the system serves 90,000 more students today, according to the CSU.

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