City Council Approves Sales Tax Incentive Deal With Cabe Toyota

by Tiffany Rider, Staff Writer

The Long Beach City Council on May 10 approved long time auto dealer Cabe Toyota for the city’s sales tax incentive agreement program. The program allows businesses which expand or remodel, and which generate above $5 million in taxable sales, to share up to 50 percent of the sales tax generated in excess of a predetermined sales tax base.

The dealership, which opened in 1966 and employs more than 80 people, requested support from the city in order to remodel and expand its operation at 2895 Long Beach Blvd. The expansion is expected to cost at least $3 million.

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State Water Board Grants $3.3 Million For Colorado Lagoon Restoration Efforts

by Sean Belk, Staff Writer

The California State Water Resources Control Board has approved $3.3 million in funding to be used for dredging, treatment and disposal of hazardous materials in the cleanup phase of the ongoing Colorado Lagoon Restoration Project.

The lagoon project includes upgrading storm drains, cleaning an underground culvert and providing landscape improvements. The final phase involves expanding an open channel 230 feet wide and building two road bridges, allowing for a tidal flush to clean and restore the deteriorated habitat.

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Local City Elections Show Strength Of Incumbency

by Tiffany Rider, Staff Writer

Incumbent elected officials in the cities of Signal Hill and Carson held onto their seats following elections March 1 and 8, respectively.

In Signal Hill, the election resulted in incumbents Larry Forester and Tina Hansen retaining their council seats. Hansen received 660 votes and Forrester had 569. Their only challenger, Matthew Simmons, finished with 429.

City Clerk Kathleen Pacheco ran unopposed as did City Treasurer Emerson Fersch.

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A Shocker: 2010 Census Data Shows Long Beach Adds Only 735 People In 10 Years

By George Economides, Publisher

With thousands of new single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums and apartment units at all price levels added to the city’s housing inventory during the past decade, many Long Beach officials expected the city’s population to be approaching 500,000 people when the new U.S. Census data was released.

Not even close.

The Long Beach Business Journal just obtained the data showing the city’s population was up a mere 735 people since the last Census in 2000.
The numbers are:
2010: 462,257
2000: 461,522
Increase: 0.2 percent

Long Beach fell from 5th to the 7th most populated city in California, being passed by Fresno and Sacramento.

The Long Beach data was contrary to what occurred throughout the state and begs the question: what happened here? Where did all the people go?

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